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I want you all over me like L.A.M.B [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

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Selling [Aug. 1st, 2013|08:58 am]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Here is a quick list(everything can be found on lamb collections)
If you are really interested email me for pics at L3L3P3@msn.com
I have a 4 yr old and a 10 week old so I will check my email probably once or twice ; ) but I will get back to you!

Cocktail skirt blk 12
Vintage corset dress bronze 12
Ribbon strappy tank teal LG
Corset vest blk plaid 12
Victorian halter  blk 12
Lace cut out tank blk LG
Coated denim blazer 10
Silk plunger halter Green LG
Argyle cashmere vest Blk/plaid LG
Tie front blouse blue check LG SOLD
Ribbon tank pink LG
Heart crest tank BLK LG SOLD
Love def tee red LG
Music def tee green LG
Parrot crew tee white LG. SOLD
Pirate flag strappy tank BLK LG. SOLD
All over me tee pink LG
Corset tank BLK LG
Braided keyhole cami red multi  SM
Double l crest tee red LG. SOLD
Triple bow sailer top LG
Harlow print blouse LG. SOLD
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Selling? [Jul. 31st, 2013|03:54 pm]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Hi everyone! I'm not sure if people even still look here?!? I have a bunch of clothes I am gonna sell. I'm just wondering if there is still any interest here?
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PoshMark + Selling [Jun. 26th, 2013|01:46 pm]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Have any of you guys used the app to sell / buy clothes

I'm selling a couple of things on there - but all around great deals

Selling my 'chateau' enamel tile bracelet watch in gold and black for $100 - $110 shipped - Let me know :)

I also have
Nordstrom Exclusive - holiday patch hooded track jacket in XL in black - it's like new - whole set for $150 + $10 for shipping

Rasta esquivel barely used - a couple marks on bottom - but other than that great condition - $200 shipped

Taking offers also :)
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Selling Mod Crop Jean from Sp' 08 [Jun. 11th, 2013|11:14 am]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.
Hi all, so I'm selling my sz. 2 mod crop jeans. They've only been worn a handful of times, I just need to come to grips with the fact that I'm not a size 2 and they don't fit comfortably! Make me an offer, not looking for tons, just hoping someone wil get some use out of a nice pair of jeans.
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L.A.M.B. Gwen Stefani F05 Teal Plaid Vintage Corset Dress FOR SALE [Jun. 10th, 2013|03:13 pm]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

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ISO Lace Print Cashmere Tank Spring 05 [Jun. 5th, 2013|12:19 am]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Ok, so I'm completely devastated. My favorite l.a.m.b. tank was accidentally thrown into the normal wash and ruined. The lace print washed out and bled into the nude background. You can hardly make out the print anymore. I searched FOREVER for this tank when I bought it several years ago as it was one of my dream l.a.m.b.s. Seriously guys, when I saw it ruined - I cried.

Please please please if anyone has one in a size medium or large that they want to sell let me know. I know it's a long shot to replace but I'm so so sad. :( I really want it back, let me know your price.

Please email me at aroybal @ comcast.net or comment below if you have one or know of one for sale. TIA!

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Ebay problem [May. 30th, 2013|05:16 pm]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Hey everyone,

I found a dress on ebay that I'd really love to buy:


But unfortunately I'm from Germany and the seller does not accept international bidders. I'd love to send her a message and ask for an exception but ebay says the buyer can't receive/reply to questions :(

Does anyone of you happen to know the buyer? It's really one of my dream items and I'd buy it immediately.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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selling black & white Spring 2005 Mic hoodies BOTH MEDIUM [May. 29th, 2013|03:45 pm]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Im selling both hoodies for 40$ shipped! i recently noticed the white hoodie has 2 stains and a rip on the outside where the tag is(it can probably be sewn). I have never worn or washed it since i received it (as is) from a lambie, it didnt fit so I just stored it away. theres still some glitter to the gold mic.... honestly i just need to get rid of clothing that doesnt fit and the bulk of the money for these 2 hoodies will most likely go towards the shipping. I have pics of all the mentioned above if interested.

somebody please take it off my hands! this is the cheapest you will probably ever get for 2 hoodies

please email me if your really interested, Lswizzle84@gmail.com
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iso handbag [May. 26th, 2013|03:57 pm]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Iso navy quilted houndstooth shoulder bag. I believe it was from last fall. Unsure of the name. It has grey and purple in it too. Thought I'd check here before resorting to ebay
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Saddle Montego [May. 17th, 2013|01:25 pm]
I want you all over me like L.A.M.B.

Selling for $150

Pics upon request.

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